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acp panel is a light aluminium composite material consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a core material usually made of polyethylene.Today I will introduce more acp panel details for reference:


aluminum composite panelsBecause of its structure acp panel panel details are perfect for exterior cladding systems. Apart from external use, aluminium composite panels can be also used in interior design.



Aluminum composite panel use for exterior building




This simple but extremely versatile product concept has been developed to provide a façade material with a host of advantages including flexibility, weather resistance, shock resistance, vibration absorbent & easy to fabricate and install.


It features a smooth surface and is available in a number of standard or custom colours.It is the ideal material for facade cladding, roof edges, awnings and fascias.


Perfect for both sign board and architectural cladding



The polyethylene core is what gives the material its flexibility and reduced weight. The aluminium on each side is coated to allow for digital printing. This material is vastly superior to traditional sign white (colourbond) board. acp panel details uses a 0.15mm skin thickness on general signage and 0.3mm on architectural.


Alucabond details for rear-ventilated façades unites the features of energy-efficient construction, economic viability and architectural quality. The rear-ventilated construction technique is suitable for creating façades on both new and existing buildings as well as roof constructions and interior applications.


acp panel detailsEasy to process and low price


In these years, alucabond panel is popular ,the main advantage of aluminium composite panels is that they are low priced and they can be cut and shapped in any size or shape. Easy to process.The aluminium is lighter than other cladding panel materials. In comparison to other materials aluminium is very durable because it has natural durability factor.


More colorful surface can be choose

Apart from that alucabond panel details can be coloured in any colour and they can imitate other materials like wood. When it is exposed to air it forms a special layer of aluminium oxide which protects the panels from rooting, rusting and corrosion.


Our color charts collect generally popular colors for customers. In addition, we also can match colors according to customer needs.


Cleaning process is fairly easy

Alucabond panel details are subjected to the process called anodization which increases aluminium panel thickness. Additional advantage of aluminium is that moisture and sun don’t affect it at all. Since panels are protected they don’t get “dirty” easily so the maintenance is very easy.


Cleaning doesn’t have to be performed very often and cleaning process is fairly easy. All things considered, the aluminium composite panels are very cost effective solution considering that they are lighter, easier to install, more durable and they can imitate any other material.


acp panel detailsWhy choose Alucoworld acp panel panel?

We offer panels in various shapes and sizes. acp panel details are suitable for cutting, shearing, bending, punching, drilling and profiling. Although they come in many shapes and sizes they can be cut to satisfy users needs. All panels come in many different standard colours but a colour matching is possible to match the colour of your project image or company building.


ALUSIGN alucabond panel details are very cost effective sollution for building facades. Since panels are very light there is no need for a lot of fixation points which lowers the labour and material cost. Besides easy installation and fixation a maintenance cost is very low. Easy to clean, resistant to corrosiion and being able to recycle.


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