acm panel

Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

 Nano aluminum composite panel has the advantages of traditional fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel, such as peeling resistance, corrosion resistance, fading resistance. However, it is superior to the traditional fluorocarbon
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PVDF Aluminum Composite panel

Why we are so confident in offering 15-20 years guarantee on PVDF ACP PANELS for you? The reasons are as follows: Firstly, let’s learn about the PVDF coating.  
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Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

1.Brief Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel Wooden ACP is one of the most popular aluminum composite panel in the world, which vividly imitate the wood texture, simple but nature. It
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fire rated acp

Fireproof aluminum composite panel

1.Brief  Description of Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel: Fireproof aluminum composite panel also can be called fire rated aluminum composite panel or fire resistant aluminum composite panel. It adopts flame-retardant core
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marble acp panels

Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel

Since aluminum can be painted with any kind of color it is available in wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors like white, lemon, silver and gold, red, black and many more. With
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