Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel

Since aluminum can be painted with any kind of color it is available in wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors like white, lemon, silver and gold, red, black and many more. With technology, ACP panels are available in different finishes and patterns like marble, POP, wood, brushed panel, mirror finished and many more. Marble finish is widely used for home and hotel interiors while wood finish ACP are very commonly preferred for commercial offices to keep up the rich feel.
Marble acp panels atla

1.The introduction of  Alucoworld marble finish aluminum composite panel.

Our stone finish acp panels have the look of natural grantie. This realistic finish replicates the imposing presence and intriguing grain patterns of polished granite on an aluminum composite panel that’s much lighter and more affordable. Aluminum composite materials are easy to fabricate for practically any interior or exterior application, and the advanced fluoropolymer finish is designed to keep the stone panel effect looking beautiful for decades.

2. The production process of  Stone Finish Aluminum Composite Panels

We create our stone panel finishes by applying a unique image transfer process over a color base coat, producing the coloring and grain patterns of highly polished granite. A clear top coat adds an authentic luster and ensures that the natural stone look will endure beautifully for decades. Alucoworld aluminum composite panel retains its smooth surface and vibrant colors even when used in the most demanding outdoor environments.
Marble acp panels

3.The advantages of Alucoworld Granite Finish ACP panels

The marble aluminum composite panel surface is decorated and protected by the high-quality resin emulsion paint offered by reliable suppliers.
It has an extraordinary performance on the facade of buildings.
It performs better in the weather ability, colors, and luster degree, ability to resist ultraviolet radiation, and avoiding the light pollution than the traditional transfer printing technology.
Moreover, in the product coating flexibility, moisture resistance, impact resistance, friction resistance, resistance to wear and tear, self-cleaning, etc, it also does well. We can customize products for you according to your requirement. Plus, In the unit weight, appearance effect, construction performance, long-distance transportation and other aspects, the Marble aluminum composite panel performs better than glass, porcelain, stone and so on.
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If you want to decorate your project with the beauty of marble finish, just contact us, marble finish acp panels can give you all you want ! 

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