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It is the desire of every homeowner to have a beautiful, efficient and functional residence. Many of the families are constantly looking for ways of enhancing their living quarters. One of the most important products that you may need to realize your dream house is aluminum composite panel, which is a reliable building material often used in constructing the ceiling or walls for the right residential unit. However, you need to find a reliable aluminum composite panel manufacturers at first. Not all aluminum composite material suppliers can produce high quality aluminum composite panel.

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Alucoworld aluminum composite panel has the following characteristics:

(1). Good weather resistance, high strength and easy maintenance.
(2). Convenient construction and short construction period.
(3). Excellent processability, heat insulation, sound insulation and excellent fire performance.
(4). Good plasticity, impact resistance, lightening the building load and good shock resistance.
(5). Good levelness, light and strong.
(6). Available for selection of all colors.

Because of the excellent properties of our aluminum composite panels, more and more people begin to use this material. In addition, there are more and more people work on aluminum composite panel business. So, if you are aluminum composite panel distributors, and when you want to buy aluminum composite panel, you need to find reliable aluminum composite panel manufacturers, and Alucoworld is worthy of your trust!

Alucoworld,17 years professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China,will tell you the two aspects on how to buy aluminium composite panel:

aluminum composite panel manufacturers

Tips on how to buy aluminum composite panel:

1.Look at aluminum composite panels:

When we choose commodity, one of the most commonly used points is to look at it. The same truth to buy aluminum composite panels. The main points are:

  • Leveling: See if the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is smooth and smooth
  • Ripple: See if the surface has ripples
  • Bubbling: See if there is bubbling on the surface of the board
  • Pleasure Point: See if there is a shelter
  • Scratches: Look at the surface for scratches

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If the aluminum composite panel has a smooth surface, no ripples, bubbling, shelter, and scratches, that's great, you can go on.

2. Folding aluminum composite material

The fold here is mainly to look at the hardness of the aluminum-plastic panel. Generally, you can fold a corner of the aluminum-plastic panel to see if it is easy to break.

Generally speaking,  good aluminum-plastic panel is not easy to be broken, and the material used PE is generally not easy to break, the panels that  blended with fake materials are also easier to break.

At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to the force, only the force can be seen to see if the aluminum composite panel is good.

3.Burning aluminum composite panel:

Burning the intermediate material of aluminum composite board, the real PE is completely burned, and the doping makes impurities after burning.

4.Measure whether the aluminum composite panel meets international requirements

The inner wall ACP panel is 3mm, the outer wall aluminum composite panel is 4mm or more, and the thickness of the aluminum must be 0.5mm.

5.Scratching aluminum composite panels

Take two pieces of aluminum composite material samples to scratch each other a few times, see if drop lacquer. The aluminum plastic with good surface painting quality adopts the imported hot-pressing spraying process. The color of the paint film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and it is not easy to remove the paint after scratching.

6.Identification of the coating

Identification of the fluorocarbon coating on the outer wall panel by using methyl ethyl ketone, and identifying the inner wall coating by dropping xylene. After 5 minutes, wipe off the reagent to see if it is exposed.

7. Ask aluminum composite material suppliers for the quality inspection report, quality assurance book, ISO-9002 international quality certification.

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Aluminum composite panel manufacturers with above are regular aluminum composite panel manufacturers, can guarantee product quality.As for you, you would like to buy the best quality aluminum composite panels with the most competitive price.

Alucoworld is worthy your acquaintance,once you learned about it, you will choose it.

Tips on how to buy appropriate aluminum composite panels for yourself:


buy aluminum composite panel

  • Budget

Prior to choosing these panels to enhance your structure while improving the aesthetic values of the dwelling. It is important to determine whether you have enough funds to finance the project. If you do not have enough money to allot to your project it is advisable to consider saving up months in advance before undertaking the actual renovations. Alucoworld is one of leading suppliers in China, you can get the best quality aluminum composite material with the most competitive price!

  • Weather condition

You need to determine whether your home is located in a region that is particularly prone to natural calamities like storms or hurricanes. This is an important consideration that needs be considered to help you choose the right kind of panels.

  • Design

Prior to hiring professional assistance it is important to determine the style you want to achieve. You need to plan the design you want in the interior and exterior section of the residence. As you shop for styles, you will discover many types to choose from.

  • Service provider

For the best results it is important to find a reliable service provider to undertake the job for you. The right provider possesses a valid insurance and has been in the business of fixing panels for many years. Their quality services can be confirmed through customer reviews and referrals. The service provider will be able to take up the challenge in order to manage the design as well as the installation stages.

  • Multiple Colorsaluminum composite panel manufacturers

Aluminum composite panels are available in almost 40 different colors and can even be made in custom colors to fit your building application. Designers can choose to have the look of aluminum, copper, zinc, or stainless steel colors. It is difficult to find another building material that can grant this kind of design flexibility with such clean and modern lines that will withstand the tests of time.

  • Lightweight

The finished weight of an aluminum composite panel is about 2.5 pounds per square foot after a complete installation. Compared to other materials that are incredibly lightweight with unbelievable durability and longevity.

  • Sustainable

Choosing to build with aluminum composite panel is a great choice for the environment. Because the building material is considered sustainable. The panels are usually made from about 85% recycled aluminum material. Depending on what state you live in, you may even qualify for tax credits. For additional information, look into the U.S. Green Building Council to see if your construction qualifies.

  • Fire Resistant

aluminum composite panel manufacturersTo address current building codes throughout the world, aluminum composite materials are available with cores that are made of fire resistant materials. The core is built to meet codes for large buildings such as skyscrapers and high rise buildings to ensure that noncombustible materials are used to suit the building applications. When purchasing specific aluminum composite panels, be sure to check the fire specifications to ensure they meet your state's code requirements.

If you want to know more about fireproof aluminum composite material,click on the article below:

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Alucoworld,17 years professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China, we service for you sincerely.

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    Upholding the principle of “Quality is the Life Core of an Enterprise”, Alucoworld aluminum composite material has also obtained various quality inspection certificates issued by authoritative quality inspection institutions at home and abroad, including: performance standards of ASTM aluminum-plastic composite panels by SGS international authoritative testing institutions, ROHS testing, etc.

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