Alucoworld ▎What Do You Want to Know About the Colors of Aluminum composite Panels ?


1.To select the appropriate aluminium composite panel colors.

As the black horse in the decorative building industry, the alucoworld aluminum plastic composite panel is not only diverse in variety and colors but also widely used. It attracts more and more attention and use, and the market is heating up, which benefits from the development of the real estate industry. Although the aluminum-plastic plate has become more and more popular,you should not follow the trend blindly when decorate your house or project engineering, especially when you choose aluminium composite panel colors.
Aluminium composite colors are so important for your project's style, so when you have problems on choosing acp sheet colour, alucoworld will be your best partner. acm panels

alucoworldChoosing the appropriate aluminium composite panel colors  according to their own style of decoration and pattern design to customize a comfortable and beautiful environment.

In addition, alucoworld can provide all colors on all professional color cards.

 2.A brief introduction about acp sheet colour

Commonly, suppliers stock more than 50 colors and finishes to choose from for customers. And the color chart shows the standard stock colors.

If customers do not see a exact color that works for their projects, suppliers can march colors that customs required on aluminum composite panels.

Notice: Color is represented as closely as possible.For true color representation,please request actual metal samples.

3.Different color series, different prices

  • Ordinary color series
  • High gloss color series
  • Pear color series
  • Marble grain and wood grain color series
  • Brushed color series
  • Mirror color series


Pay attention:

1.The ordinary color like white color ,blue ,silver ,red and so on , the price is same .

2.The gloss color ,pearl color ,marble ,wooden ,silver brush ,gold brush ,mirror color are special colors .The price is higher than common color .

3.The  glossy color is higher 0.25$/m2 than common colors ;pearl color is higher 0.5$ /m2 than common color . Silver brush higher 1.8$/m2 ,gold brush higher 2.5$/m2 than common colors of aluminum composite panels.

Alucoworld aluminum composite panel manufacturer can produce all colors on all professional color cards.

Alucoworld products have passed REACH86 test , Beijing Hyde international certification co. LTD,  SGS authority and so on.
Compared with its peers, Alucoworld always provides the excellent aluminum composite panels with the most affordable price for every customer.

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4.Alucoworld  is worthy of your trust.


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