Alucoworld ▎Peel Strength——One of the Critical Factors Affecting aluminium composite material


The production of aluminium composite material seems very simple to the layman, but it is actually a new product with high technology. Therefore, there are some technical difficulties in the quality control of aluminium composite material. Today, we will talk about the factors that affect the 180-degree peel strength of alucoworld aluminium composite material.

1.The quality of aluminum foil itself

On the one hand, it is the heat treatment process of aluminum materials. On the other hand, some aluminum plates and producers have poor quality control when using recycled aluminum scrap .acm panels

2.Selection of core materials of aluminium composite material

The difference in the composite temperature due to different types and aging degree of PE and pvdf, etc., results in unstable final composite surface quality.

3.Pre-treatment of aluminum plates

The cleaning and chemical quality of the aluminum plate are directly related to the composite quality of the aluminium composite material. During the pre-treatment process, the temperature, concentration, treatment time, and renewal of the treatment liquid of the treatment liquid are not strictly controlled, which affects the cleaning quality. All of these will lead to poor composite   quality, 180 ° peel strength is low, or unstable.

4.Selection of polymer membrane

The polymer film is a kind of adhesive material with special properties, which affects the main factors of the composite quality. The use of the polymer film has directionality, and the positive and negative surfaces cannot be swapped.


5. production equipment.

After the equipment has pressed the aluminum layer, the plastic layer, and the polymer film together, it is baked for a certain period of time after being heated to a preset temperature. Even if the compounding is completed, and then cool down.

6. using a co-extrusion process

When the PE core board is extruded, the melt glue is extruded onto the surface of the core board. The performance of the aluminium composite material produced by this process is also excellent, especially the peel strength is higher.

Every piece of alucoworld aluminum-plastic panel is strictly controlled in every process. We aim to produce the excellent aluminum-plastic panel with high peel strength for every customer.

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