Why choose acp panel panels?


Why choose acp panel panels?

Now people choose the wall materials must take into account many factors such as appearance, properties, price and so on. There are many kinds of wall decoration materials, such as acp panel panels, aluminum venner, pvc pinch plate, wall paper, etc. But which one is the king of cost-effectiveness? Let me give you comparisons, then you will be very clear!

1. acp panel panels VS aluminum veneer

  • Aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneers have long been used in curtain wall decoration, but have been declining.

  • acp panel panels

The middle core layer of aluminum-plastic composite sheet is PE material, compounded by two layers of aluminum up and down, with various styles, strong plasticity, easy processing, and not easy to be deformed. It also has fireproof grade, and its cost is lower than that of aluminum veneers.

2. acp panel panels VS ceramic tile

  • ceramic tile

When speak of empty drum and falling of the tiles, most people have experienced. Apart from new homes, renovation of a house for a year or two, suddenly appeared empty walls, tiles off, not only will damage the furniture, bring reworking problems, but also pose a great threat to the personal safety of the family. And the decorative effect of the tiles is also monotonous.

  •  Aluminum plastic board

Alucoworld art fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is smooth, bright and colorful, with good decoration effect. At the same time, it has characteristics of strong plasticity, impact resistance, strong shock resistance.

3.acp panel panels VS coating

  • coating

Brush fire retardant coating is a good choice today, but most of the external wall paint has strong ordor, volatile toxic gases, while the external wall just dazzling for a short period after brushing, but it’s not waterproof and resistant to moisture, in a few years, the outer wall began to have large flake decoloring, causing mottled walls.

  • acp panel 

Alucoworld art fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel adopts FEVE fluorocarbon creatively for its surface, and its UV resistance and weather resistance are better than traditional curtain wall aluminum-plastic composite panels to meet the requirements of high-grade weather resistance grades.

4.acp panel panel VS UV board

  • UV board

UV board is easy to process, colorful, wear-resistant, chemical resistance, non-volatile, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. However, the UV plate itself is relatively hard, it is prone to bursting, and it tends to yellow when used for a long time.

  • acp panel

The material of aluminum-plastic panel is light and easy to process.  Aluminum plastic board’s coating is uniform and it’s colors are diverse. Aluminium plastic Plate has uniform coating and various colors. It can also be added with UV treatment on the surface of aluminum-plastic plate to make a wear-resistant aluminum-plastic plate. The aluminum-plastic plate itself has characteristics such as washability resistance and strong weatherability, and it can keep for 15 years without fading and deformation.

5.acp panel sheets VS fire board

Many customers regard fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels as fireproof boards. Although they all have the effect of fire prevention, they are different boards.

  •  fire board

Fireproofing board also known as fire – resistant plate, the scientific name is thermosetting resin impregnated paper high – pressure laminated plate, is fire – resistant building material with surface decoration. The surface is tough and not easy to scratch, but the plate is relatively brittle, has a short service life, is not easy to be shaped, and cannot be folded.

  • fireproof acp panel boards

Aluminum-plastic panel with fireproof effect, uses chemically treated coated aluminum sheet as the surface material and fire retardant white plastic as core material, is processed on the special aluminum plastic plate production equipment.

6.acp panel VS PVC pinch plate

  • PVC gusset plate

PVC gusset plate is made of PVC as raw material through extrusion process. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, mothproof and flame retardant. There are many types of PVC board colors and patterns, mostly are plain colors, also including wood patterns, marble patterns. The disadvantage of PVC gusset plate is that its high temperature resistance is poor. It is easy to be deformed, aged and faded in a hot environment for a long time, losing its original decorative effect.

  • acp panel sheets

acp panel panels

Aluminium composite panel is not only waterproof, moisture-proof, tamper-proof and flame-retardant, but also anti-corrosion anti-static, sound-absorbing and sound-insulating. It can be regarded as the best kitchen bathroom wall and ceiling material at present.

7.acp panel VS Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper

According to the different raw materials, the wallpaper is mainly divided into: PVC material, non-imitation cloth, natural plant wallpaper, textile wallpaper, pure paper, metal wallpaper and so on.

a.PVC wallpaper

Advantages: Excellent fire resistance, easy to clean and care, a variety of patterns, waterproof.

Disadvantages: poor air permeability, easy to cause mold on the wall;

PVC decomposed in nature for a long time, low environmental protection.

Comprehensive evaluation: 3 stars.

b.non-woven wallpaper

Advantages: flexible, not easy to age and break, good breathability and moisture resistance, not easy to fade after scrubbing

Disadvantages: relatively single color, lighter shades, higher prices

Comprehensive evaluation: 3 stars and a half

c. pure paper wallpaper

Advantages: good environmental protection performance, not edge warping, no bubbles, no odor, strong air permeability, not easy to mold

Disadvantages: relatively weak water resistance, poor scrubbing performance, high technical difficulty in construction, not easy to make a strong sense of layer or three-dimensional decorative pattern

Comprehensive evaluation: 4 stars

d. Flocking wallpaper

Advantages: Super sound-absorbing, non-reflective, non-fading, three-dimensional pattern, strong sense of relief.

Disadvantages: expensive

Comprehensive evaluation: 4 stars and a half

  •  acp panel panels

A wide range of pattern styles, water and moisture resistant, easy to clean, noise absorption, noise insulation, thermal insulation, raw materials can be recycled and reuse, environmental protection performance, construction is simple, can be punched and bent to do a variety of design

Comprehensive evaluation: 5 stars

8. acp panel boards vs glass material

  • Glass material

Fragile; Inconvenient transportation; There are security risks. The glass curtain wall causes changing images, causing visual fatigue to pedestrians and drivers, easily leading to accidents and causing “light pollution”.

  • acp panel boards

High strength, convenient transportation, no environmental pollution.

9.Aluminium Composite Panel VS Decorative Stone

  • Decorative stone:

It is easy to be exposed to external vibration to form bright lines, easy to break, strong oil absorption, poor fire resistance, and difficult construction, high cost, radiation, etc.

  • Aluminum plastic board

Light and strong, can effectively reduce the building load;

Green, no pollution, no radiation.Simple processing, easy to use.

Just as you see, acp panel panels has so many super properties. In addition, Alucoworld pursues product quality and performance, and will continue to maintain the brand spirit of Chinese quality products in the middle and high-end market.

Choose acp panel panels, choose alucoworld, it means you choose the best! Come to know more about us!

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