acp panel Panels Warranty contents


acp panel Panels Warranty contents

acp panel Panels due to material performance on a lot of advantage, it is widely used in all kinds of architectural decoration, such as the ceiling, the present, counter, the furniture, billboards, kiosks, elevators, stores, plant wall, etc., has became one of the three big curtain wall (natural stone, glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall) metal curtain wall, in the developed, acp panel have also been to the bus, train, plane, ship sound insulation material, design, instrument box, etc.

acp panel Panelsacp panel Panels Warranty contents:

1, under normal climatic conditions, the surface of the paint does not occur peeling, foaming, cracking, powder phenomenon.

2, Under normal environmental conditions, the phenomenon of sheet stripping and bubbling does not occur.

3, when the plate exposure and normal radiation or temperature conditions, no abnormal phenomenon of color difference.

4, Conduct standard inspection according to the specified inspection methods, and all indicators meet the standards, enterprise standard requirements or contract requirements.

5, The fluorocarbon outer wall board produced according to the standard GB/ t17748-1999 of aluminum-plastic composite board, the coating is 70% fluorocarbon resin, which can be used under normal climatic conditions, and we can provide a quality guarantee of 10 to 15 years.Fireproof acp panel, in addition to the physical and mechanical properties of ordinary acp panel, but also has good fire performance, its combustion performance up to or beyond the B1 class of QB8624.

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