What is ACP panel


What is ACP panel


ACP is an environment-friendly decorated material. It consists of two parts which have quite different nature. One part is Aluminum and the other part is Plastic. It mainly has three layers, plastic in the middle and aluminum on both sides.


What is ACP panel

ACP is usually divided into different types by surface treatment and function. According to surface treatment, there is PVDF coating, Nano PVDF coating, PE coating, Mirror coating, Brushed coating, Wooden coating, Marble coating, High Gloss coating, Pearly-luster coating and etc. We can also divide ACP into Fireproof ACP and Unbroken ACP, Antibacterial mildew-resistant ACP and Anti-static ACP by function.


As a popular building material, ACP must have its unique advantages. ACP uses a special compound process so that it has high production efficiency and low raw material cost, which has become the major advantage. The discarded ACP can be 100% recycled that is beneficial to environment. Because of its thin thickness, ACP is lighter than other building materials like woods and steels. So under the same weight, it can hold more quantities and it is convenient to carry. Meanwhile, when the buildings decorated by ACP suffer from earthquake, it cannot be easily damaged due to the shock resistance of ACP.


acm panel suppliersBesides, ACP has the function of fireproof and unbroken due to the special coating and core material so that it can be used for a long time, 8-20 years. For the Nano ACP, we even don’t have to worry about its cleanness for it is born with this.


There are so many colors and styles of ACP for customers to choose. They can inquire different styles according to various needs such as the decoration of curtain walls, interior and exterior walls , conference rooms and etc.


ACP is very popular in the developing country now due to its low cost, environmental performance, durability, fire resistance, colorful styles and etc.

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