What are the details in choosing acm aluminum composites material?


ACM aluminum composites material are made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy sheet. ACM aluminum composites material common thickness is 2mm, 3mm, 4mm. The standard size of conventional materials is 1220mm * 2400mm, which can be customized according to customer needs. Its structure is mainly composed of panels, ribs and corner codes. acp panels

The use of acm aluminum composites material should be noted in many aspects, because it is made of aluminum plate, the surface is sprayed and is not affected by ultraviolet light, temperature and other factors, and has good wind pressure resistance. The effect is very good, its can play a very good role in the decoration, and the service life can be made into various arcs and shapes in the decoration for a long time, but we still have several aspects when buying. Need to pay attention to it.

The corner code can be bent or stamped directly from the panel, or it can be framed on the flange of the panel. The ribs are connected with the welding screws behind the board surface to make it a solid whole, which greatly enhances the strength and rigidity of the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, ensuring the flatness and seismic resistance in long-term use. If sound insulation is required, efficient sound insulation can be installed inside the acm aluminum composites material.

What details need to be paid attention to when purchasing acm aluminum composites material.

1. Whether the aluminum-plastic panel manufacturer has a formal national quality inspection report, in line with national building energy-saving requirements and fire protection standards.

2. Is the panel of the aluminum-plastic panel flat?

3. Whether there is a record or typical engineering case in the project area.

4. Is there a matching construction plan that meets the product?

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