The disadvantages of aluminum composite panel curtain wall

The anti-deformation capability of the curtain wall system must be scientifically calculated for each important part of the curtain wall system, taking into account the effects of wind pressure, self-weight, earthquake, temperature and other effects on the curtain wall system,  the embedded parts, connection system, keel system, panel and fasteners should be carefully checked to ensure the safety of the curtain wall. The inconsistent force of each fixed point of the plate will cause the deformation of the surface material to affect the external decoration effect. Therefore, the fixing method of the plate must be fixed by the fixed distance to ensure the flatness of the surface of the curtain wall.
In fact, every method of decorating the wall has its advantages and disadvantages. However, when people choose a decorative wall method, they often compare various ways, which will undoubtedly enlarge the disadvantages of these wall decorations. The decorative wall material with a prominent advantage stands out. Alucoworld aluminum-plastic panel has always insisted on high-quality production, strictly controlling every production process to ensure product quality and provide the most reliable building materials for the construction field.

Every piece of alucoworld aluminum-plastic panel is strictly controlled in every process. We aim to produce all series of  aluminum plastic panel with excellent performance for every customer.


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