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AS one of the most popular modern building material, aluminum composite panel has been applied in more and more architecture. The problem comes, how to store aluminum composite panels has become a big trouble that plagues many novices. Alucoworld will explain to you in detail how to solve this different problem.

Even if they are all called aluminum composite panels, different resistance to environmental factors, fire standards and indicators, various colors and finishes will affect the overall service life, which is very important. For some special aluminum composite panels, more delicate protection and storage are required. Most panels only need to comply with the following points to complete the basic storage.

store aluminum composite panel

1. Make Sure That The Aluminum Composite Panel Is Completely Dry

In order to avoid unnecessary corrosion, mildew and other serious damage (which will directly reduce the service life of the aluminum composite panel), it is necessary to ensure that each aluminum composite panel is completely dry before storing it in the warehouse. If condensation appears on their surface, they must be removed and cleaned with a dry cloth.

Make Sure That The Aluminum Composite Panel Is Completely Dry

2. Ventilated And Dry Warehouse

A ventilated and dry warehouse is enough to ensure the storage of aluminum composite panels. Compared with some high-tech products, no additional equipment or investment is required. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer will consider this issue.

Ventilated And Dry Warehouse

3. Horizontal And Overall Stacking

Try to ensure that aluminum composite panels of the same batch and specifications are stacked together. Don’t stack too much; it will affect your second handling. The advantage of this is that it will not allow the upper aluminum composite panel to slide on the surface of the lower aluminum composite panel and leave scratches, which will affect its appearance and quality.

Some manufacturers (such as Alucoworld) will pack them according to the requirements of the order and separate them in wooden boxes, so there is no need to worry about accidental loss during storage.

Horizontal And Overall Stacking

4. Don’t Ask For Trouble

It is not recommended to put some tools, equipment or other objects on the aluminum composite board. Please remember that aluminum composite panel is a lighter material (compared to other types of materials). The extra pressure of these objects may cause scratches or dents on the first panel, which affects the use.

Don't Ask For Trouble


Aluminum composite panel is a popular and simple building material with a variety of excellent functional characteristics. In order to keep them intact to be used on exterior and interior walls, reasonable storage methods cannot be ignored. Our 4 steps can help to achieve effective storage. This is the most practical, easiest and most efficient method we have summed up from 20 years of industry experience.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, Alucoworld will provide the most timely, professional and meticulous solutions.

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