Aluminum composite panels for export


Aluminum composite panels for export


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Firstly, congratulations, you have made you first successful setp. Here, we are 20  years’ professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China. What’s more, we have more then 15 years export experience.

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 A variety of panel options

Aluminum corrugated core composite plate 

Aluminum corrugated core composite plate is also called aluminum corrugated composite board. It adopts AL3003H16-H18 aluminum alloy material, the panel is 0.8-1.0mm…


Fireproof aluminum composite panel also can be called fire rated aluminum composite panel or fire resistant aluminum composite panel. It adopts flame-retardant core material, and the…

2 meter width ACP

The 2 meter width ACP can meet the needs of large span and large format design, and can be perfectly combined with other ultra-wide materials such as glass…

PVDF aluminum composite panels

PVDF aluminum composite panels are generally used for exterior wall decoration, such as hospital, shopping mall, cinema, goverment, school, etc. What’s more, the thickness is…


PE aluminum composite panel

PE aluminum composite panel adopts Southwest Aluminum 3000, 5000 series, Qilu Petrochemical special plastic, American DUPONP polymer film, and US PPG 70%…


Wooden aluminum composite panel

Wooden aluminum composite panel is one of the most popular acp panels in the world, which vividly imitates the wood texture, simple but nature…

mirror aluminum composite panels

Alucoworld mirror aluminum composite panels are known for their excellent fire performance, sound insulation, strength and durability…

 marble aluminum composite panel

The marble aluminum composite panel surface is decorated and protected by the high-quality resin emulsion paint offered by reliable suppliers…

Nano-aluminum composite panels

Nano-aluminum composite panels are self-cleaning products designed for the requirements of modern architectural decoration. Compared with other metal…

Complete Aluminum composite panels production chain


Alucoworld has advanced production equipment and testing instrumentssophisticated technology and strict quality management system. It also gathers professional and technical elites and leading-edge scientific and technological teams to make full use of new technologies, new processes and new materials to ensure product stability and reliability. The quality of the products is derived from the advanced manufacturing equipment, and the quality consciousness comes from continuous innovation.

Aluminum composite panels production chain




Quality Guarantee

The company has established a first-class testing center and developed information management subsystems such as quality management, test management, quality inspection, measurement management, physical and chemical analysis management, etc., to meet the requirements of the company’s high quality management level.

The testing center has the functions of testing, research and development of various products of the company. It is equipped with  mirror gloss meter, a film pencil scratch hardness tester, a digital display electronic tensile tester, a visual color box, an analytical balance,paint film conflict tester, solvent-resistant wiper, adhesion tester, UV accelerated aging test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber and other equipment.

From high-level leaders to each employee, everyone is always focusing on continuous improvement of quality concept, constructing company’ “quality is the core “culture. Putting our promise 100% into practice is always our principle. We do what we have promised, and try to be the best.


From the procurement of raw materials to the production of semi-finished products, to the packaging of products, Alucoworld is equipped with a domestic first-class testing center to avoid that the unqualified products flowing to the market and ensure the “zero defect” quality of each piece of Alucoworld product.
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