Alucoworld ▎Non-warranty of aluminum composite panel


Aluminium composite panel are not covered by the warranty in the following cases:


  1. Use our products in an abnormal range, such as interior wall panels for exterior walls.
  2. Use our products under abnormal environmental conditions such as climate, temperature, for example, aluminum-plastic panels near high-temperature boilers, and corrosive gases such as acid and alkali in the vicinity of the plates.
  3. The company's products are used under critical conditions, and there are no effective preventive technical measures for the construction technology, such as the bonding method for the installation of exterior wall panels.
  4. The environmental conditions during storage stacking are poor, the placement method is wrong, and the rough handling is carried out, resulting in deformation and damage of the sheet.
  5. The damage of the board is caused by mechanical damage, and the signs of damage are obvious in the condition of the board when loading, such as surface scratches.
  6. Relevant materials such as structural rubber, aluminum alloy keel, and rivets are not qualified for decorative quality problems.
  7. Failure to use or process in accordance with national standards or curtain wall construction specifications. Improper construction and installation methods may cause damage to the board, such as scratching the surface of the aluminum surface during grooving.

(For the specific quality assurance content, please refer to the factory inspection report attached to each batch of products and the product quality guarantee provided after the delivery of the product)

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