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1.The requirements of core material

The material properties of raw materials used in ordinary curtain wall core materials shall comply with GB11115, GB11116, GB/T15182 or other corresponding national or industry standards.

The quality of the core material is closely related to the quality of the aluminum composite panel. Inferior waste plastics often contain a large amount of harmful impurities and severely aged plastics, which is extremely unfavorable for the quality of aluminum-plastic composite panels;

Polyvinyl chloride is generally considered to be unsuitable as a core material because it is easily decomposed at high temperatures to produce strong toxic and corrosive substances.

2.The requirements of aluminium alloy

The material properties of the curtain wall aluminum panel shall meet the requirements of GB/T3880.2 for 3 x x series, 3.5 x x series or other series of aluminum alloys with better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

Aluminum shall be cleaned and chemically pretreated to remove oil, dirt and loose oxide layers naturally formed by contact with air, and to form a chemical conversion film to facilitate solid bonding of aluminum to coating and core layers.

The fascia board coating material should be made of fluorocarbon resin with excellent weather resistance, or other materials with comparable or superior properties.

3.The requirements of coating

The curtain wall panel coating material should be made of fluorocarbon resin with excellent weather resistance, or other materials with comparable or superior properties.

At present, the most widely used polyvinylidene fluoride fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) with excellent weather resistance, but pure PVDF resin should not be directly coated on aluminum, but some other materials should be added to change its coating performance. That is, it constitutes a so-called 70% fluorocarbon resin.

70% fluorocarbon resin, refers to the production of aluminum coating paint used in various raw materials, PVDF accounted for 70% of resin raw materials.

Since the paint also contains pigments and other components and a fluorocarbon resin coating usually has a non-fluorocarbon resin primer, the final content of PVDF in the total coating of the aluminum composite panel is about 25% to 45%.

4.The requirements of protective film

After the installation of the aluminum-plastic panel of outer wall, it is easy to make the protective film move the glue after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays. In order to avoid the problem of chromatic aberration of the aluminum plastic panel, the outer wall aluminum plastic panel must use a black-and-white protective film with good anti-ultraviolet effect. The inner wall aluminum composite panel generally uses a transparent film.

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