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With the development of society, most people's living standards have improved, and the pursuit is not just food and clothing, more people began to pay attention to the health of the body. When it comes to health, it's not just food safety, but also home decoration safety. Because of this, environmentally friendly decorative materials become more and more popular.

Whats more, alucoworld does very well in enviromental protection.

The general environmental hazard is formaldehyde, and formaldehyde is a toxic gas, which is harmful to the human body, especially for newborn babies.

Harm of formaldehyde:

The child is weak in resistance and excretion,, strong in absorption.

Therefore, children are prone to inhalation of a large amount of formaldehyde, and because children are still in the development period, the development of the organ is not perfect, and the damage is unpredictable if it is damaged by formaldehyde.

Environmental protection of aluminum composite panels:

As a new type of environmentally-friendly building materials, aluminum-plastic panels will not pollute the environment or generate new waste, and most of them can be recycled. In terms of environmental protection of aluminum plastic composite panels, the material printing process are critical factors.

The aluminum-plastic composite panel is a composite of aluminum and plastic. Although it is a plastic, it is a food-grade PE non-toxic plastic. It has obtained international non-toxic testing standards.

It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly sheet in the true sense.

In addition to environmental protection, what are the characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite panels?

The aluminum-plastic panel is a waterproof, fire-retardant material that erects a safety barrier for the safety of children.

The aluminum-plastic panel is easy to install, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It can be checked in immediately after the decoration is completed, reducing waiting time, and it is also a convenient decoration plate.

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