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The warranty of aluminum composite panels generally includes the following aspects:

  1. Under normal climatic conditions, the aluminum-plastic composite panel does not peel off, blister, crack or chalk.
  2. Under normal environmental conditions, no peeling or bubbling of the sheet occurs.
  3. When the board is exposed to normal radiation or temperature conditions, no chromatic aberration is observed.
  4. According to the international regulations, the inspection methods are standardized, and all the indicators meet the national standards and enterprise standard requirements or contract requirements.
  5. According to the national standard GB/T17748-1999 of aluminum-plastic composite board, the fluorocarbon exterior wall board is coated with 70% fluorocarbon resin and used under normal climatic conditions to provide 10 to 15 years of quality assurance. The fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite board has good fire performance in addition to the physical and mechanical properties of ordinary aluminum-plastic composite panels, and its combustion performance meets or exceeds the B1 grade specified by QB8624.

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