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The aluminum composite panel is produced by the following lines:

1.formation line

The formation line is mainly for cleaning aluminum coils and alumina coils.
The chemical forming line plays the role of rolling lubricating oil, anti-oxidizing grease and various kinds of dirt during the rolling process of cleaning the surface of the aluminum coil, and removes the precipitation of impurities such as silicon, magnesium and copper on the surface of the aluminum material. The imported high-quality chemical raw materials and technology are used to chemically form the surface of the aluminum coil, forming a dense honeycomb-shaped oxide film on the surface of the aluminum coil, so that the paint and the aluminum coil are tightly combined through the medium, and have good adhesion.

2.Precise coating line

Precise coating line is used for painting various coating
The precise coating line is a finished aluminum roll that is coated with various paints as required by the customer. The coating adopts the international advanced precision three-roll reverse roller coating machine to carry out precision coating in the closed dust-free state, so that the thickness of the coating film and the appearance quality of the coating are well controlled; the oven is divided into four zones to control the temperature and baking. The solvent resistance, hardness and flexibility of the coating are optimized. Has good gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance.

3.Continuous hot-rolling composite line

Composite line is used to synthesize aluminum plastic plates
The continuous hot-bonding composite wire is the key equipment for the forming of the aluminum-plastic composite panel, and its function is to firmly bond the aluminum material, the PE core material and the polymer film under the action of continuous high heat and high pressure to form a flat surface. It is made of imported polymer film, relying on advanced equipment, perfect technology and strict control, so that the aluminum-plastic composite board has superior peeling degree, which has exceeded the index of international famous brands.


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