ACP cladding stock


Large Quantity ACP cladding stock, 30% off Price, Now or Never!



Good News! Here comes the biggest price reduction for ACP cladding stock in 2020. You can enjoy unprecedented discount now! The price can be as low as $5.95/m2 for exterior use!


Affected by the COVID-19, our factory has many overstock aluminum composite panels. These are all high quality panels, with very low price.


The raw material (aluminum) cost is rising, but our factory has taken measures to reduce prices to benefit our customers. We have large ready stock ACP panels sold at discount price.The inventory is limited, andpromotion time is last until the inventory is sold out.


Such large discount is beyond example, if you miss this opportunity; it means you will lose at least 1,400USD profits! Many old and new customers rush to purchase. A Lebanese customer bought one container ACP panels for 17,000 USD cheaper than usual.


High quality ready ACP panels are waiting for you to choose! Order it now, means you can earn more. This is a great opportunity to defeat your competitor and occupy the market. Contact us as soon as possible to get the latest stock list and lowest price!


Now or never! Don’t miss the opportunity to earn more money in 2020! Don’t miss the 30% more profit! Only once in life, don’t you want to catch it?

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