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1.The brief introduction of exterior wall aluminum composite panel.

As a new type of decorative material, aluminum composite panels (also known as ACP panelswere introduced from Germany to China in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Because of itseconomy, the variety of color choices, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and high quality, it is quickly favored by people.

Premium Aluminum Composite Panel Sheets which are produced by ALUCWORLD , are flat type panels, formed of thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core.

In general, exterior aluminum composite panel sheets are used for architectural cladding or partition, false ceilings, machine coverage. It is an important part of building while construction, mainly applied in shopping malls, cinema halls, hotels, hospitals and metro stations. These sheets are available in various colours, patterns and shapes according to the requirements of our clients.

2.What's the difference between exterior wall ACP and interior wall ACP ?

(1) The thickness of the board is different

The thickness of the interior acp panels is generally 3mm. The thickness of the acp cladding should not be less than 4mm.

(2)The thickness of the coating on the normal use surface is different.

Generally, the paint film thickness of the interior acp panels will be less than 15 microns, and the paint film thickness of the acp cladding is often above 25 microns, so that the weather resistance will be better;

(3)The coating material is different

The interior acp panels is coated with a polyester coating or an acrylic coating. The coating of the acp cladding is generally coated with a fluorocarbon coating or a polyester coating.

(4)The thickness of aluminum thickness is also different

In addition, our country also has relevant regulations, the thickness of the acp cladding is not less than 4MM, the thickness of the aluminum thickness is generally between 0.3mm- 0.5mm, the thickness of the inner wall board is not less than 3mm, and the aluminum thickness of the interior acp panels is not less than 0.2mm.

Every piece of alucoworld aluminum-plastic panel is strictly controlled in every process. We aim to produce all series of  aluminum plastic panel with excellent performance for every customer.

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