what’s aluminum composite material(ACM Material)?


1.What’s acm material?

acm materialAluminum composite material, abbreviated as acm material, refers to a three-layer composite sheet with plastic as the core layer and aluminum on both sides, and the decorative surface of the product is covered with decorative and protective coating as the decorative surface of the product.The acm building materials become more and more popular in recent years.

2.Here is the question, where can we use the acm panel?

The acm material is mostly used in three aspects: curtain wall, exterior wall decoration and advertising, interior wall decoration.

You also need to notice that when acm material was used in different aspects, the specifications of acm building material also are different.

  • Acm material for building curtain wall:

The minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum panels is not less than 0.50mm, and the total thickness is not less than 4mm. The material of aluminum should meet the requirements of GB/T3880. Generally, aluminum alloy sheets of 3000, 5000 series should be used. The materials’ coating should be coated with fluorocarbon.

  • acm materialACM building Materials for exterior wall decoration and advertising:

The upper and lower aluminum panels are made of rust-proof aluminum with a thickness of not less than 0.20mm, and the total thickness should be not less than 4mm. The coating is typically a fluorocarbon coating or a polyester coating.


  • ACM Material for indoor use:

The upper and lower aluminum panels generally adopt an aluminum plate with a thickness of 0.20 mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10 mm, and the total thickness is generally 3 mm. The coating is polyester coated or acrylic coated.

Apart from these three aspects, alucoworld acm materials also can be used for aviation, cabinet, automotive, etc.

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3.Compare with other building materials, why alucoworld acm material is the most popular?

Alucoworld acm material VS aluminum veneer

(1)Aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneers have long been used in curtain wall decoration, but they are gradually declining.The reason is that the high unit price of the aluminum veneer is difficult to control the cost and is easy to cause waste.

(2)Acm material

The middle core layer of acm sheet is PE material, compounded by two layers of aluminum up and down, with various styles, strong plasticity, easy processing, and not easy to be deformed. It also has fireproof grade, and its cost is lower than that of aluminum veneers.

Acm material VS ceramic tile

(1)Ceramic tile

acm building material

When speak of empty drum and falling of the tiles, most people have experienced. Apart from new homes, renovation of a house for a year or two, suddenly appeared empty walls, tiles off, not only will damage the furniture, bring reworking problems, but also pose a great threat to the personal safety of the family. And the decorative effect of the tiles is also monotonous.

(2)Acm panels

Alucoworld fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is smooth, bright and colorful, with good decoration effect. At the same time, it has characteristics of strong plasticity, impact resistance, strong shock resistance.

3.Acm material VS coating

acm material


Brush fire retardant coating is a good choice today, but most of the external wall paint has strong ordor, volatile toxic gases, while the external wall just dazzling for a short period after brushing, but it’s not waterproof and resistant to moisture, in a few years, the outer wall began to have large flake decoloring, causing mottled walls.

(2)Acm material

Alucoworld art fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel adopts FEVE fluorocarbon creatively for its surface, and its UV resistance and weather resistance are better than traditional curtain wall aluminum-plastic composite panels to meet the requirements of high-grade weather resistance grades.

4.According to the coating system, acm materials can be divided into 4 series:

According to the coating system, it can be divided into single coated acm material, double coated acm material, three coated acm material, and four coated acm material. The following are described separately.

(1)Single-coated acm material:

The coating system that directly coats the topcoat on the ACM material, which is omitted from the undercoating process, is generally less used in theory, because such a coating system is generally difficult to meet the comprehensive requirements of performance, such as Adhesion, corrosion resistance, etc. The role of the primer is to enhance the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the aluminum-plastic panel and the aluminum veneer, as well as to serve as a bridge between the aluminum-plastic panel and the topcoat.

(2)Double-coated acm material:

which is a coating system for coating primer and topcoat, which is characterized by sufficient performance to meet the requirements of coating performance. The primer has a surface similar to that of aluminum-plastic composite panel and aluminum single-sheet. The performance can be adhered, has the property of preventing the electrochemical corrosion of the aluminum-plastic composite board and the aluminum single-board, and has the bonding property with the full diffusion of the topcoat to carry out the interlayer bonding.

(3)Three-coated acm material:

Three-coated acm material, which is based on the two-coating coating system. A layer of varnish coating is applied according to the anti-corrosion performance requirements of the coating to form a protective film coating to protect against external corrosion. Because of some coatings that are tinted with metal powder, its metal powder reacts with the acid, alkali, and salt in the air to corrode. The coating of the three-coated aluminum-plastic composite board and the aluminum single-board is mainly used outdoors, where the weather is harsh and the corrosion resistance is required.

(4) Four-coated aluminum composite panel

acm material

The four-coat coating system is mainly used on PVDF fluorocarbon coatings that require specific colors, such as royal blue, red, and other relatively bright colors. It is a coating system consisting of four layers of primer, intermediate topcoat, topcoat and varnish. Because the topcoat requires relatively bright colors, and the bright pigments have relatively poor weatherability, if there is no intermediate topcoat, ultraviolet rays can be directly radiated onto the primer through the topcoat. Because the weather resistance of the primer is relatively weak, the primer is pulverized for a long time, causing the entire coating to peel off. Therefore, when designing the coating, an intermediate topcoat that blocks ultraviolet radiation or the like is designed between the primer and the topcoat.

5.Why alucoworld acm material is so popular?


(1) Small weight:

The acm material is made of aluminum and a relatively small density plastic core material. Therefore, compared with aluminum panel(or other metal) having the same rigidity or the same thickness, the quality is smaller than that of glass and stone.

(2) Good rigidity:

Compared with a single-layer aluminum plate, the aluminum-plastic composite panel has a large elastic limit and is not easily deformed, and can maintain good flatness performance for a long time in a natural state without too much external force.

(3) Rich in color and excellent decorative appearance

The layers of the aluminum-plastic panel can be made into a variety of colors, and the pattern design matching all uses can be carried out. In addition, the use of photocopying technology to simulate patterns of granite, wood grain and metal, to provide a unique texture, high-quality pattern design.

(4)High surface flatness:

The aluminum-plastic composite panel is produced by a continuous thermal composite production process, so that the surface flatness is higher than that of the single-material metal sheet, especially the large-sized sheet material is more obvious. It is used for building decoration and has a flat and uniform appearance.

(5) Good durability:

The aluminum-plastic composite board adopts the metal and core material thermal composite technology, and the bonding is firm. The surface coating is made of different materials according to the use environment, and the fluorocarbon coating has more excellent weather resistance.

(6) Good processability:

The aluminum-plastic composite panel is made of aluminum and plastic. It is easy to cut, punch, grooving, bending, etc. It can be processed by aluminum a material or wood processing equipment. Therefore, not only can it be processed in the production plant, the proposed composite board can be processed on site.

(7) Excellent fire performance:

The fire-resistant acm materials adopts the newly developed core material, which is filled with inorganic filler, so the fire performance has improved, and it can reach the B1 standard and meet the requirements of building regulations.

(8) Good cost characteristics:

The production of aluminum-plastic composite panels adopts pre-coating continuous coating and metal/core material continuous thermal compounding process. Compared with general metal veneers, it has high production efficiency and low raw material cost, and is a material with good cost characteristics.

(9) Good environmental coordination:

The aluminum and plastic core materials in the discarded aluminum-plastic panel can be 100% recycled and have low environmental load. In addition, wood-aluminum composite panels and outdoor decorative aluminum-plastic panels are made of fluorocarbon coatings, which have high durability and low daily maintenance costs, reducing the overall life cycle cost.

(10) Wide range of uses:

The acm material is cost-effective and has a wide range of uses. It can be used for the decoration of curtain walls, interior and exterior walls, foyers, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, etc. It can also be used for the reconstruction of old buildings, used as the counter, furniture, and vehicles. Inner and outer walls, etc.

ACM building material is worthy of your trust.

alucoworld acm material

From the procurement of raw materials to the production of semi-finished products, to the packaging of products, Alucoworld is equipped with a domestic first-class testing center to avoid that the unqualified products flowing to the market and ensure the “zero defect” quality of each piece of Alucoworld acm building material.

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