4 Reasons Why Foreign Businessman Imported From China


Since 2012, China has always been the world’s largest trading country, and it is reflected in all aspects. When you look around your home, you may also find some products produced in China; even some of the “domestic products” you think are actually from China.

Why do so many people like to import goods from China? The simplest reason is that it is profitable to import from China; the earlier the businessmen who import from China, the more they make a lot of money.


Alucoworld asked a dozen customers, all of them have cooperated with us more than 3 years. Here are 4 reasons why they imported aluminum composite panels or other products from China.


Better Price

Everyone mentioned this, and this is indeed the most important reason. Thanks to labor, materials and exchange rates, China can produce products at lower prices. A company is more competitive when there is lower cost, and there is a greater commercial margin for the company.

Ocean freight prices will remain high in 2021, this has indeed increased the burden on our customers. But after careful accounting, imports from China are still profitable.

better price or best price

Rich Choice

Some industries in some countries are world-renowned, and importing from this country can ensure stable quality; but other industries may not have price or quality advantages, and importers still need to find suppliers again.

Fortunately, most of the merchandise can complete one-stop service in China. Convenient transportation and import / export policies help importers conveniently ship their products from different suppliers to designated ports.

make good choices

Higher Quality

Many customers have imported products from other Asian countries, such as India or Vietnam. But after a period of time, they will still choose to cooperate with Chinese suppliers.

Because they found that the Chinese are not only masters in mass production, but also experts in product design.

Want stable quality, excellent creativity and competitive prices? The solution is to find a long-term Chinese supplier.

good price good quality

Saving Time

Our customers believe that saving time is reflected in the communication, supply chain and service.

Most Chinese companies can communicate in fluent English, and most of the factories have stable production capacity and inventory.

What is even more surprising to our customers is that it seems that Chinese people do not need to sleep. We always use the shortest time to propose the best solution to solve all the problems encountered.

Because of this, we can finalize orders in the fastest time and help customers receive products as soon as possible and occupy their market.

save time

We have prepared a short video about As A Foreign Businessman, What Conditions Should I Meet To Buy Directly From ALUCOWORLD?

If you are interested in importing products from China, Alucoworld is happy to answer any questions you ask. As a 20-year aluminum composite panel manufacturer, we have served thousands of companies from all over the world and helped them get huge profits. This is exactly what we are good at.

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