ACP Panels color chart

Alucoworld offers a wide selection of more than one hundre colours to customers, and customers can also choose colours according to the International Standard Color Card - Old RAL Color Card.

ACP Solid Colors

ACP Metallic Colors

ACP Sparking Colors

ACP Timber Finsh Series

Alucoworld Color chips differ slightly from actual colors of products due to attributes of printing.
Please conform actual color samples of each color.
Custom colors also available upon request for solid colors, metallic colors, stone colors, sparking colors and wooden colors.

acp marble colors

ACP Marble colors

If you need an unconventional color:

1. First, you need to provide a template of the required color (preferably a template based on a metal plate, and other materials can be used, but the color matching accuracy is not as good as the metal plate).
If you can know the paint manufacturer number of the desired color or its international standard color number, the operation procedure will be very simple, and the color matching result will be very accurate. You only need to provide the color number to our company's color experts for confirmation. can;
2. The new color template will be prepared by the paint experts of Merlot and our paint paint suppliers. Under normal circumstances, it will take about 1 week to provide you with a sample of the new color.
3. After receiving the sample, you need to give written confirmation as soon as possible. After receiving your confirmation, we will formally arrange the order production according to the order.