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Plastic aluminium panels are widely used in various architectural decorations and even in buses and subways due to their advantages of light material, good flatness, uniform color, convenient process and installation and so on. However, nowadays the market is mixed with high-quality products and inferior products, it is inevitable that there will be some undesirable business men to fill with inferior goods. So, how do we buy qualified plastic aluminium panel?

Here are seven key points on quality for buying Plastic aluminium panel:

Plastic aluminium panel


1. Look

When we choose commodity, one of the most commonly used points is to look at it. The same is true for plastic aluminium panel. The main points are:

a.Leveling: See if the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is smooth and smooth

b. Ripple: See if the surface has ripples

c. Bubbling: See if there is bubbling on the surface of the board

d. Pleasure Point: See if there is a shelter

e. Scratches: Look at the surface for scratches

When looking at this step, be careful and careful to choose a really good plastic aluminium panel.


Mainly to measure the size of aluminum-plastic composite panels, to see if these dimensions meet national and international standards, the international standard for aluminum-plastic composite panels is: 3mm for interior wall panels, 4mm or more for exterior wall panels, and the thickness of aluminum must be 0.5mm . Meeting the above requirements is to meet international standards and vice versa. In this point, pay attention to the standards of the measurement tools, as well as the relevant industry standards.


The fold here is mainly to look at the hardness of the aluminum-plastic panel. Generally, you can fold a corner of the aluminum-plastic panel to see if it is easy to break. Generally speaking,  good aluminum-plastic panel is not easy to be broken, and the material used PE is generally not easy to break, the panels that  blended with fake materials are also easier to break. At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to the force, only the force can be seen to see if the aluminum composite panel is good.


This principle is based on the material of the aluminum composite panel PE can be completely burned. The specific method is as follows:

①Select an aluminum composite panel

②Remove the outside, leaving the middle material

③Ignitingand burning of the middle material

④According to the residual substances after burning, see if it is a good aluminum composite panel. A good aluminum-plastic panel with real PE in the middle, it can burn completely. The poor quality aluminum-plastic composite board is doped with other things, and there are impurities after burning.

5. Plane

Planer, is the groove of the aluminum plastic plate bending, when bending, to see if the front surface of the aluminum plastic plate is broken.Be careful when using this shopping technique.


The butanone was used to identify the fluorocarbon coating on the exterior wall panel. The xylene was used to identify the inner wall panel coating. After 5 minutes, the reagent was wiped off to see if it was exposed.


Ask for the manufacturer's quality inspection report, quality assurance certificate, iso-9002 international quality certificate, the manufacturers with these are regular, which can guarantee the quality of products.

There is another aspect you also need to pay attention to——specification of aluminium plastic sheets
In order to meet the needs of different customers and deal with the decoration of different applications, there are several specifications of Alucoworld aluminum composite panels, which can be customized according to customer needs:
A: Aluminium skin thickness: 0.50*0.50mm, 0.40*0.40mm, 0.30*0.30mm, 0.21*0.21mm, 0.15*0.15mm, 0.12mm*0.12mm, 0.10mm*0.10mm;
B: Width: 1000mm ,1220mm (regular),1250mm,1300mm, 1500mm, 1550mm, 1570mm, 1575mm (Maximum);
Note: if the thickness of aluminum is less than 0.20mm, it is not allowed to make aluminum plastic panel with width of more than 1500mm.
C. Length: 2440mm (regular), and tailored by customers' offers; 6500mm(Maximum);
D. Standard size: 1220mm (Width) * 2440mm (Length)

Different specifications of aluminum composite plates are suitable for different occasions:
Although 3mm aluminum composite panel is only a millimetre short of 4mm aluminum composite or 2mm aluminum composite panel, this millimetre gives them different properties and applications. The thickness of aluminum is not the bigger the better, it should be selected according to the application site and construction technology.
INDOOR ACPThe Selection of Aluminum Thickness for Indoor Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels:

When indoor aluminum plastic board is selected, the choice of size and specification must be careful. Generally, the thickness of upper and lower aluminum plates is 0.2mm, the minimum thickness is greater than or equal to 0.1mm, and the total thickness is generally 3mm.

The Selection of Aluminum Thickness for Door Head advertisement:

Generally, the door head of aluminum plastic panel is made with the product structure of panel’s thickness is not less than 4mm, and aluminum’ thickness is not less than 0.21mm. If the thinner aluminum composite panels are used, such structures as the thickness of panel is 4mm, and its aluminum thickness is 0.15mm, or panel’s thickness is 3mm and aluminum’s thickness is 0.21mm, they may also be considered. The quality is slightly worse, of course, the cost is lower.

The Selection of Aluminum Thickness for Curtain Wall Aluminum Composite Panels:
The materials used in building curtain walls all are required high specifications, must be anti-rust and anti-oxidation, and must not be deformed easily within a certain period of time. The thickness of the upper and lower aluminum shall be adopted high-quality southwestern aluminum with a thickness over or equal to 0.5mm, and the total thickness shall not be less than 4mm

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