Alucobond details from China suppliers

Alucobond is a light aluminium composite material consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a core material usually made of polyethylene.Today I will introduce more alucobond details for reference:
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Learn about brushed aluminum panel

Brushed aluminum panel is a manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping aluminum panels out of lines with sandpaper. The process is mainly divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill, and
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How to increase the added value of acm panels

With the continuous development of society, consumers’ requirements for consumption quality and services are also rising. Low-priced products without quality assurance are no longer sufficient. Acm panels manufacturers need
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Acm panels decoration should pay attention to three issues

As a new type of decorative panel, acm panels are loved by customers. The aluminum composite panel itself has the advantages of easy installation, easy cleaning, and strong decoration,
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acm panels

Product Application about acm panels

PVDF acm panels led the market in 2018 accounting for a share of over 34.4% owing to a wide range of applications including lightweight construction, high-speed trains, and advertisement
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